Emil Waijers Technologische Beratung

I am a network engineer, software developer and systems administrator. My focus is on signals surveying, temporary and permanent network infrastructures on all layers of the OSI model. I write, customise and optimise software in a great variety of languages for various (embedded) platforms and operating systems. During the last 15 years I have consulted in enterprise UNIX/Linux system administration.

Feel free to contact me for any business inquiries. At this moment I am part of the following businesses listed below.



sig:scan is a surveying company specialising in wireless signals. It is able to perform automated autonomous and manual surveys of large spaces. The surveying reports are presented online in a highly detailed and dissectible form, including but not limited to heatmaps, spectrum overviews and FFT graphs.


NEEE Network

NEEE Network is a service provider which creates temporary and permanent network infrastructures, we are most specialized in creating large public WiFi networks and long distance wireless connections. We can design, build, configure and maintain your next networking project.




SHOUTAGRAM, a project together with Biki90, is a photobooth which is triggered by shouting. And with shouting we do not intend a short burst, but 5 full seconds of top volume shouting! Anybody with enough lung capacity and stamina can directly find their picture back on the set social media channels.